Counseling for youth, adolescents, adults and families in the areas of:

  • Relationships
  • Parenting
  • LGBTQ Identity  and Group Support
  • Child / Adolescent Challenges
  • Court Appointed Supervised Visits


  • YOUTH & ADOLESCENTS: From early on I worked with kids. In my teens, I taught Sunday school, worked as a an Outdoor Ed counselor, and served as a Girl Scout camp counselor and volunteer.  Prior to starting my psychotherapy practice, I found my niche with a long and satisfying career as a middle school teacher and counselor. I matured as a mentor, instructor and friend. I never lost that passion and continue to have a heart for kids who struggle.

  • ADULTS:  Individuals come to me seeking partnership in addressing issues they face as adults. I have felt privileged to hear life stories shared, and inspired by hard work. I have grown as a therapist and person because of this opportunity. 

  • LGBTQ: Being a member of this community has been both a struggle and a triumph for me. I understand the nature of the journey which may inform my role as educator, therapist and mentor. I have a specialized understanding of non-binary and trans youth. Twice a year I offer a support group for these youth called "UBU" (You Be You). I also offer a “Beyond He and She” workshop for educators and therapists.

  • PARENTING: Historically, I used the Systematic Training for Effective Parenting curriculum for parent education and support groups. Currently, I strongly endorse and use the Nurtured Heart Approach as a foundation for parenting work. I particularly enjoy watching parents tweak their methods to find more success with their kids.

  • SUPERVISED VISITS: As a part of my practice, I supervise court ordered parent/child visits. Sometimes visits include processing the interaction between parent and child as well as development of parenting skills. Most often, my supervision entails taking notes as a record of the visit. These notes are used to formulate a court report. This service is offered at a rate of $80.00 an hour.